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Psychosocial Hazards at Work: Australian Benchmarks 2024 [Report]

Explore the latest research on psychosocial hazards in the workplace, uncovering key findings and practical steps for organisations to address employee psychosocial hazards effectively.

How Conversational AI can improve the Customer Experience

The role of the CX professional has never been more critical, and yet many organisations are not maximising their investment in CX. Leverage new technologies in order to generate ROI on CX programs and initiatives.

Why should CEOs care about Conversational AI?

Our co-founder and CEO, Garreth Chandler, was recently featured in Andrew Bull’s business podcast Interstellar Business Show. In the episode Garreth gives practical tips to…

How insights platforms help ResearchOps accelerate value

ResearchOps is emerging in response to the generic problem of scaling business capability. But, conducting research at scale is extremely difficult.

Retained IP in a future AI world – what it is and why it matters

Note: This article first appeared in ESOMAR’s Research World publication. The net present value of market research investment is silently, and profoundly, changing. The Status…

The Future of Human Insights

“There is only one purpose of a business: to create a customer” – Peter Drucker Market Research It’s obviously a moving target but the latest…

What it means to be ISO27001 Certified

Our journey to become an ISO27001 Information Security Management certified organisation started back in 2014, which was when our (at the time) small business was…

Do Super funds have a case of “Keeping up with the Jones'”?

When we consider the adoption of technology, we typically categorise people, or companies, as: Fast Followers Within each of the above cohorts, there’s a subgroup…

3 ways to achieve impact from your Customer Experience (CX)

As I have discussed previously, the experience of a service or product is the basis on which judgements are made about future purchase. Positive customer…

Data science as a creative art

Some years ago, when the Earth was new, I did some work with a global data provider that wanted to look at how their clients…

Superannuation – Head vs Heart

A pervasive measure in the Superannuation industry is the Net Promoter Score (NPS). For this reason, The Evolved Group started tracking NPS across a national sample…

Facing 2030: The Future of Market Research

A great deal has changed in the research indutry over the past decade. So what’s on the horizon for the world of market research in the next ten years? See my predictions below.

Introducing "Action Connect": Taking effective action on feedback

Taking action in response to feedback is critical to protect the ongoing viability of your feedback program, as well as to foster ongoing engagement between your organisation and its employees or customers.

Our CEO, Garreth Chandler, to speak at AMSRS 2020 National Conference – “Facing 2030”

We’re super excited for our Founder and CEO, Garreth Chandler, to speak at the AMSRS 2020 National Conference tomorrow, August 5th, at 12pm.

Enhancing your customer experience strategy

Customer experience strategies are constantly evolving as COVID-19 changes the way we do business. Let’s examine what strategies can be implemented to prosper in a post-pandemic world.

Rapidly changing work environments demand dynamic systems

The world has changed in the face of the COVID19 pandemic and employees are quickly adapting to the new normal, working remotely.

Are your online feedback channels accessible to everyone? Here are 7 things to check.

A common tip for survey development is to make sure questions are written plain and simply at a 4th-grade reading level.

That’s your data, by the way

Do you know how your personal data is being managed by organisations? In this post we explore the balancing security, privacy and consent for data use.

The Evolved Group wins the ESOMAR Global Award for Innovation & Technology

The Evolved Group has won the ESOMAR Global Award for Innovation & Technology for our CEO Garreth’s presentation at the AMSRS conference in August 2019.

Who loves a survey?

There is an elephant in the insights room. We need to talk about surveys. Has anybody else noticed just how many companies send out customer satisfaction and feedback surveys?

How First State Super is improving customer and employee engagement through technology

When it comes to superannuation funds, First State Super takes a very different approach to member satisfaction and service than most.

Are CX tech vendors providing adequate support post-platform deployment?

The biggest theme to emerge in my personal conversations with senior CX practitioners was vendors delivering on their promises of performance.

An overview of Machine Learning concepts

The three major branches of machine learning are supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning.

Chatbots for market research

We have been developing survey chatbots as part of our Human Listening platform. We have noted the successes of this technology in many marketing applications, and feel there is great potential.

The future of Text Analytics – 2019 and beyond

We can’t help but try to predict the future, especially when it comes to the application of new technologies.

How to protect customer data?

A relevant issue for organisations in 2018 will likely be remembered as a big moment in the world of customer privacy and data protection.

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