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Conversational AI, driven by GPT

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HumanListening is a cutting edge, AI driven insights platform with a full suite of applications to run your market research program.

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We don't charge per survey response.
Pick the tier that's right for you based on how many active projects you'll need.
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The HumanListening platform is multi-tenanted. Keep your clients' data separated and secure using sub-accounts.
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Looking to supercharge your insights program?
Buy a pack of credits for Conversational AI and use them across your projects.
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Reduce manual reporting.
Build dashboards and share with your clients.
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Sometimes everything needs to be prioritised.
Our Insights Experts are here to help with your projects.
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Increase loyalty with your clients.
Your Conversational AI models are your own IP - become the go-to agency in your sector.
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Need to visualise survey and commercial data on the same dashboard?
Easy as pie, with the platform's Data Wrangler application.
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EVE - Evolved Verbatim Engine

Our Conversational AI companion, elicits more than 5x the feedback compared to traditional open-ended questions

Get more from every conversation

Qualitative at scale, powered by Conversational AI and state of the art text analytics.

  • Two-way conversations, analysing and adapting probes based on responses
  • Engage your consumers with a human-like experience
  • Glean deeper insights and make confident decisions
  • Truly understand your target audience
  • Utilise features such as auto-coding, sentiment analysis, emotional scoring, entity extraction, clustering, and differentiated terms to do automated real-time analysis

HumanListening™ has all of the tools we need to easily create and run our own insights programs. The flexibility of being able to set up our own surveys whenever we like has been game changing! Not only is the platform very user-friendly, but the team at Evolved always provide the best support and advice.

Kim Xavier, Head of Strategic Insights, Zenith Media

How it works

Capture insights in
4 easy steps

Dive into the apps enabling your research program

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  • Create surveys using our extensive question library and drag and drop UI
  • Develop your own Conversational AI chats
  • Capture and manage data from multiple sources


  • Analyse open-ended feedback at scale
  • Measure sentiment, uncover themes and cluster topics
  • Visualise your data to develop commercially valuable insights
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  • Design and build your own dashboards to deliver real-time insights
  • Identify at risk customers and push them to your support channels
  • Automate triggers to surface key results
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  • Easily manage account and sub-account access amongst your clients
  • Upload and share reports, including online sources, via our integrated insights library
  • Manage resources in one place

Why HumanListening™?


Full suite of insights technology, in the cloud


Quick project set up and real-time results in your dashboards


Flat licensing structure and no cost per survey response


Conversational AI delivering qualitative insights at scale


Run self-serve, fully customizable research projects


Access to experts who can support you, at call

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