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Psychosocial Safety: The State of the Australian Workplace 2024 [Webinar]

Nearly 40% of Australian workers are at a moderate to high risk of experiencing psychosocial hazards at work. Garreth Chandler, our Partner and Co-Founder, along with Nick Lee and James Stack, recently hosted a webinar examining psychosocial safety within the Australian workforce based on findings from our study of 1,000 Australian workers. This webinar addresses the recent legislative changes to workplace safety and offers strategies and tools to mitigate risk to organisations and their staff.

Here’s what’s covered in the webinar:

      1.  What are the pain points for HR professionals and organisations currently?
      2. How do you assess risk within your organisation?
      3. What are the benchmarks for industries and roles?
      4. Who are the most vulnerable members of the Australian workforce?
      5. How does ‘appropriate’ behaviour differ by generation?
      6. What are the key aspects of a psychosocially safe workplace?
      7. How can AI assist with addressing these issues?
      8. How do I upskill leaders and create workplace policies to ensure risk is mitigated?

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