Our CEO, Garreth Chandler, to speak at AMSRS 2020 National Conference – “Facing 2030”

We’re super excited for our Founder and CEO, Garreth Chandler, to speak at the AMSRS 2020 National Conference tomorrow, August 5th, at 12pm. 

In keeping with the conference theme of “Facing 2030”, Garreth will be discussing the many challenges the research industry faces and how we at The Evolved Group are combatting these using conversational AI, or as we prefer to call it, conversational engagement. Rather than relying on traditional, question-response feedback, we have taken a technology-led conversational approach to gain true insights from consumers.

About Garreth

Garreth is the founder and CEO of The Evolved Group. Evolved is an innovative global insights‐tech agency with expertise in engaging with consumers and businesses to understand, behaviour, markets and change. Garreth is a published author and has founded successful research and technology start‐ups. He has 25 years of experience in market research on both the client and supplier side and his business conducts and continuously introduces innovative research practices in Australia, across the Asia Pacific Region and in the United States

Presentation: Conversational Engagement in Action 

Consumers are increasingly technologically able, time‐poor, and selective about the brands and activities they engage with. This can be seen as a threat to our industry, however if we shift our thinking it can also be an incredible opportunity. This involves us moving to technology‐led conversational approaches to extract feedback – not our traditional, directive, staid, question‐response feedback. To gain true insight from the consumers we’re surveying and to keep them active and engaged, we need to care as much about the actual experience of completing our surveys as the data and insights we’re collecting. To achieve this, quantitative and qualitative methods must merge through AI, or as we prefer to call it, conversational engagement. 

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