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What is Conversational AI?

Conversational AI is a set of machine learning technologies, including Natural Language Processing that enables human-like interactions with consumers.


For those of us in the market research industry, Conversational AI is used to replace or augment traditional surveys, allowing respondents to engage with an inquisitive feedback companion using two-way conversation.


EVE, our Conversational AI companion is built into the HumanListening™ platform.  EVE uses large language models (like GPT!), enabling you to have a meaningful engagement with your consumers.


Critically, EVE provides the control to ensure you explore what is important to meet the objectives of your program… and it’s easy to use in multi-country studies (in different languages) too!

How our customers use Conversational AI to make data-driven decisions:

EVE's probing enables you to determine whether consumers truly understand what you are trying to communicate in your advertising

EVE will give you a deeper understanding of consumers perceptions of sensory attributes in your product testing

When it comes to experience, customers aren't limited to a pre-formatted survey. EVE will explore what is important to them, bringing topical issues to your attention

EVE will help you optimise your product concepts, giving you the why behind the what - saving you significant time and effort in your NPD process

EVE will go beyond consumers' first response to identify the real reasons for brand preference in your category

Conversational AI - it's your IP

Instead of all customers getting the exact same set of questions no matter what concerns their answers raise, EVE analyses each individual answer given, and adapts the next question based on keywords found. EVE can be trained to focus on topics of interest with different routines to prompt and explore unexpected topics.

Over time, EVE’s Learning Loops improve the underlying models, suggesting new topics mentioned by your consumers, creating an IP asset that will set you apart from competitors – whether it be an FMCG sensory model, financial services CX model or an employer branding model, Conversational AI is your path to increased customer loyalty


Qualitative at scale, enabled by world-leading text analytics


Our Focus Words application auto-codes text responses into prescribed categories that match EVE’s probing model.

Learning Loops

Deep learning to build and continuously expand and improve conversational models.

Emotional scoring

Identify and score emotional valences – anger, anticipation, disgust, fear, joy, sadness, surprise, trust etc.

Entity Extraction

We use a range of methods including noun chunks, part of speech & sophisticated Natural Language Processing of topics to pull out what's most prevalent.

Sentiment Analysis

Classification to determine both a mean score and categorical assignment of verbatim.


We use a range of methods including LDA to cluster topical domains in the data and help you uncover what's most important.

Conversational AI can provide 5x more feedback than traditional surveys

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