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Having started as a market research consultancy over a decade ago, we know first-hand the difficulties involved in running insights programs end-to-end. The high cost of outsourcing research/software, long wait times to receive results, and a lack of engagement from survey respondents. 

Since then, we’ve worked tirelessly to build our own AI driven insights platform, HumanListening™, with a full suite of applications to run your market research programs from start to finish.

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How to get started

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Getting up and running is simple:

  • 1.

    Get in touch and we can take you through a demo of the platform
  • 2.

    We'll ask you some questions about what you're trying to achieve and recommend a tier based on the number of projects, sub-accounts and EVE Conversations you need.
  • 3.

    Let us know if you're planning on DIY or need support to manage your insights program - our team are here to help!
  • 4.

    We provision the license, giving you access to the platform
  • 5.

    Training and technical support will ensure you're ready to go and make the most out of the platform

The HumanListening™ Team

Garreth Chandler

Founding Partner

Shane Hall

Founding Partner

Chris Barry


Ric Edinberg

US President

Heidi Dickert

US Managing Director

Jo Somerville

Head of Customer operations

Simon Davey

Head of PMO & Data Governance

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