Why should CEOs care about Conversational AI?

Our co-founder and CEO, Garreth Chandler, was recently featured in Andrew Bull’s business podcast Interstellar Business Show. In the episode Garreth gives practical tips to CEOs about implementing Conversational AI to deliver customer and employee insights to brands.

Here’s what’s covered in the episode:

  1. What is Conversational AI and how does The Evolved Group use it to help its customers?
  2. Why should CEOs care about Conversational AI?
  3. Does Conversational AI replace traditional surveys?
  4. What should we be trying to shift to automation and AI?
  5. What lessons have you learned about implementing AI and automation?
  6. What does The Evolved Group do to support its people’s welfare and wellbeing?
  7. How do you balance your duties as a CEO and have time for hobbies and loves ones?
  8. What actionable tips can you share with other CEOs who don’t have enough time?

Garreth was interviewed on the Interstellar Business Show. It’s the podcast for Tech CEOs who want to grow their minds, elevate performance, and own their future. Listen to more episodes here.

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