Protect your people & business from psychosocial hazards

The workplace assessment tool replacing traditional surveys with AI enabled conversations

How PS Safety works

Reducing psychosocial hazards through AI

It can be difficult getting honest, valuable feedback from employees – particularly on a sensitive topic such as psychosocial impacts.

Our Conversational AI companion, EVE, can chat with thousands of employees in a human-like way, without judgement. Coupled with our advanced text analytics tools, PS Safety provides a comprehensive tool to assess your current state and provide recommended actions.

Key benefits

Fast and


Assess your existing survey data or quickly deploy a custom assessment in as little as 10 business days.

Positive employee experience

Conversational AI makes the experience engaging for employees, making them feel valued.

Actionable, AI-driven insights

You can expect a detailed report with clear and actionable insights on which to act upon.

Expert referral


We've partnered with experts in the industry to provide you with an end-to-end solution for addressing psychosocial hazards.

What you can expect

Identify, assess and manage psychosocial risks

We’ll provide you with a comprehensive report with more than just numbers. Using advanced text analytics, we dig deep to provide insights and recommended actions for you to take. Your results are also compared with national benchmark data, so you know how you compare to other employers. 

Our partner network

Addressing psychosocial hazards doesn't stop there...

Healthy Minds is a world-leading provider of preventative psychology services: teaching the psychological skills that prevent and reduce risk for psychological harm. Healthy Minds can help implement policy changes, facilitate workshops, and more.

Forget Me Not is an award-winning microlearning platform. This platform can be used to equip leaders with knowledge and awareness of psychosocial hazards in just 5 minutes per day, using an evidence-based practice to maximise knowledge retention.

Security is at our core

To date more than 30 million surveys have been created using HumanListening™.  It is the trusted platform used by local and global brands that demand the highest levels of resilience, robustness and data security.

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