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Introducing "Action Connect": Taking effective action on feedback

Feedback & Action

In asking an employee, customer, or prospective customer to give us their thoughts, we’re entering into a tacit agreement – that we’ll not only hear and respect what they have to say, but wherever possible, do something about the issues they raise.

The Struggle

Giving people a sense that their feedback is falling into some kind of vortex is a sure-fire way to stop them responding to your feedback requests in the future. Additionally, continuously presenting your stakeholders with the same immobile feedback themes is certain to erode engagement in your organisation’s feedback program.

Taking action in response to feedback is therefore critical to protect the ongoing viability of your feedback program, as well as to foster ongoing engagement between your organisation and its employees or customers.

Introducing Action Connect

What is it?

Action Connect allows you to create SMART Action Plans in response to individual pieces of feedback, whole feedback categories, or specific words or phrases of interest.

What’s so good about it?

Action Connect ensures that any themes in customer or employee feedback can be easily identified, actioned, and tracked by the accountable team members you select. Action Connect allows you to create an Action then and there, within the platform, meaning you don’t have to write an explanation email with hyperlinks to potentially just have it get lost in everyone’s inboxes anyway. It won’t get lost in the platform either, because email reminders notify you when Actions are overdue – all bases are covered.

  • Create SMART Action Plans in response to any type or grouping of feedback
  • Form teams around subjects of interest, sharing resources and crowdsourcing solutions
  • Attach specific Actions to topics, single comments, or groups of comments which feature specific keywords or phrases
  • Utilise the inbuilt GANNT chart for easy management or re-ordering of tasks
  • Reference relevant past Actions to accelerate the resolution of similar problems in the future

The Details

Setting up an Action Plan is simple and takes only a few clicks. There’s a scheduler tool to help you manage your workload and email reminders when Actions become overdue.

action connect screen shot

The “Connect” part of Action Connect lies within the tool’s inbuilt collaboration functionality, which allows users to form virtual teams in order to tackle issues, communicate and share resources and ideas. If people come across the same issues in the future, they can access past conversations and resources, ensuring valuable knowledge remains visible and active, even after the original issue is resolved.

Action Connect ensures that feedback isn’t ‘lost in the vortex’ and that users are supported in establishing clear response plans and connecting with each other to crowdsource ideas and solutions.

Want to know more?

If you would like to discuss how Action Connect can help your business with its customers or employees, please call 03 9670 1909, or email

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