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Conversational AI delivering qualitative insights at scale

Internal working group pulse on business - Focus Group Concept Alignment and Acceleration Using AI
How might we capture and prioritize business and technology needs from a wide array of stakeholders on a regular basis? A series of group discussions were held in Feb/Mar 2021 to understand opportunities and priorities across business units.
Sales Augmentation Using AI and ML
How might we better enable and share emergent practices across sales teams? Our sales teams struggle in relative isolation in our Covid world to maintain their sales knowledge, understand what is important and relevant to clients, and know how to grow their abilities. We can help them do this with the use of Data Science and communication analytics
Chat bot & Contact Center Optimisation
How might we better optimize and become proactive with our contact center to create an excellent Customer experience? We have an opportunity to optimize and reduce the operations load on our call centers using conversational AI chatbots.

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