Improving customer experiences through Conversational AI

Understand your customers on a deeper level and gain actionable feedback.

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Key features

The AI-driven insights platform

Conversational AI Chatbot

Conversational AI uses large language models, like GPT, to have human-like interactions with your customers. Embedding Conversational AI into your customer experience program creates an engaging way for your customers to share their experiences, giving you deeper, more meaningful feedback compared to traditional surveys.

Text Analytics + Vizualisation

Gain insights from large volumes of conversations or traditional open-ended data. Identify factors influencing your key customer KPIs and make data-driven decisions to increase customer loyalty and reduce churn.

Survey Design + Deployment

Create and distribute your customer experience surveys using Conversational AI chats via a powerful enterprise grade survey platform. With a mobile first design and easy-to-use drag and drop functionality, capturing customer feedback has never been easier.

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Why HumanListening™ for CX?

End-to-end customer experience management

HumanListening™ offers a suite of integrated applications to capture, analyze and share insights from Conversational AI chats, traditional surveys and ingested operational data.


The HumanListening™ platform tracks customer KPIs, such as satisfaction and loyalty, identifies the factors influencing KPIs, and provides data-driven recommendations for improvement. It can also automatically identify and address at-risk customer relationships to prevent customer churn and improve satisfaction.

Security is at our core

To date more than 30 million surveys have been created using HumanListening™.  It is the trusted platform used by local and global brands that demand the highest levels of resilience, robustness and data security.

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