Garreth Chandler

Garreth is the Founder and CEO of The Evolved Group. Garreth’s passions are technology, buyer behaviour and organisational theory.

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3 ways to achieve impact from your Customer Experience (CX)

As I have discussed previously, the experience of a service or product is the basis on which judgements are made about future purchase. Positive customer experiences drive future loyalty, while negative customer experiences lead to dissatisfaction and defection. Unpacking this further, there are three key areas where a great CX program can impact your business. …

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Superannuation – Head vs Heart

A pervasive measure in the Superannuation industry is the Net Promoter Score (NPS). For this reason, The Evolved Group started tracking NPS across a national sample of Australians this year. We will be publishing findings regularly during the year e.g. key trending themes and benchmarks. With our Conversational AI technology as well as our Superfund Listening product, we …

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